Tayo Rescue Center Set – New Korean Animation Character

Tayo Rescue Center Set – New Korean Animation Character

Tayo Rescue Center Set – New Korean Animation Character

Since ICONIX’s establishment in 2001, ICONIX has been producing steadily Korean Animations including ‘Pororo the Little Penguin’, ‘Tayo the little bus’, ‘Chiro and Friends’, ‘Tai Chi Chasers and ‘Z Rangers’ so on. Based on Animation Characters, ICONIX also has expanded the Character industry in Korea that consists of publications, toys, music, performance, theme park, licensing, and new media, etc. In addition, ICONIX leads the globalization of the Korean Animation industry by exporting the best Korean animations in the world.

Emergency Dispatch Mission Play

Insert the mission card to the card stand and check the mission. And put a minicar into the elevator of 1st floor and lift the handle. If you press the siren of the center, the minicar goes out with the brilliant lights of the center and various sounds. Then, the cars in the sub gate come out at the same time.

Air Emergency Landing & Sub Gate & The Rail for Dispatch

Fix Air at the landing ground and move the handle up and down. Also, you can make any cars you want to call out by pressing the buttons of the sub gate. In addition, the mini cars on the 2nd floor can go down to the 1st floor by its rail.

The Parking Lot and The Storage

You can place the mini-cars in the parking lot on the 2nd floor and there are four spaces for them on the right side of the center.

The Mission Cards & A Police Officer Tayo

There are two mission cards in the playset. You can do many kinds of role plays with them that include missions and make the mini cars move out. It contains a Tayo. There isn’t any mini car except for him. With the included decoration sticker, you can change him to a police officer. If the siren is pressed, the light will turn on.

Educational Effects and Portability

The Tayo Rescue Center Set is designed to fit perfectly in children’s hands and is portable anywhere. It helps grow children’s communication skills, verbal interaction, and imagination through role play. Playing with toys can also help develop sensory skills and allow children to create their own personal and unique play experiences. Additionally, it builds up kids’ fine motor skills by allowing them to control their powers.

  • Easy to use and portable
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Enhances communication and verbal interaction
  • Creates unique play experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the mini cars be used with other playsets?

No, the mini cars included in the Tayo Rescue Center Set are specifically designed for this playset and may not be compatible with other playsets.

2. Are additional mission cards available for purchase?

Yes, additional mission cards can be purchased separately to enhance the play experience and create more diverse role plays.

3. Is the Tayo Rescue Center Set suitable for children of all ages?

The Tayo Rescue Center Set is recommended for children aged 3 and above. It is designed to be safe and easy to use for young children.


The Tayo Rescue Center Set is an exciting playset featuring the popular Korean animation character Tayo the Little Bus. With its emergency dispatch mission play, air emergency landing, sub gate, and storage features, children can engage in imaginative role play and create their own unique play experiences. The set also offers educational benefits by enhancing communication skills, verbal interaction, and fine motor skills. Its portability allows children to enjoy the playset anywhere they go. Get ready for endless hours of fun and adventure with the Tayo Rescue Center Set!