Robustline PVC Sliding Folding Door for Corner Shower

Robustline PVC Sliding Folding Door for Corner Shower

Robustline PVC Sliding Folding Door for Corner Shower

Are you looking for a stylish and functional solution for your corner shower? Look no further! Introducing the Robustline PVC sliding folding door, designed to enhance your bathroom experience and add a touch of modern elegance to your home.

High-Quality and Durable

Our PVC sliding folding door is made from high-quality PVC material, ensuring its durability and long-lasting performance. You can trust that this door will withstand daily use and maintain its functionality for years to come.

Perfect Size and Color

The door has a height of 185 cm and a width of 100 cm, making it suitable for most corner showers. Its plain white color allows it to blend seamlessly with any wall color, while the blur glass strips add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installing the Robustline PVC sliding folding door is a breeze. With the included instructions and all necessary hardware, you can have it up and running in no time. Additionally, its PVC material makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

100% Seller Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our product. If your item arrives defective, please contact us first, and we will send you a replacement at no charge for missing or defective parts. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are always here to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this door be used for other purposes besides a corner shower?

While the Robustline PVC sliding folding door is specifically designed for corner showers, it can also be used for other applications, such as dividing spaces or creating a stylish entrance to your walk-in closet.

2. Is the door easy to open and close?

Absolutely! The sliding folding mechanism allows for smooth and effortless operation. You can easily open and close the door with one hand, making it convenient for everyday use.

3. Can I install this door myself?

Yes, you can! The door comes with detailed instructions and all the necessary hardware for installation. With basic tools and some DIY skills, you can have it installed in no time.

4. Can I customize the size and color of the door?

Currently, we only offer the Robustline PVC sliding folding door in the standard size of 185 cm (height) and 100 cm (width), and in plain white color with blur glass strips. However, we are continuously working on expanding our product range to cater to different preferences.


Upgrade your corner shower with the Robustline PVC sliding folding door. Its high-quality construction, easy installation, and modern design make it the perfect addition to any bathroom. With our 100% seller warranty, you can shop with confidence, knowing that we have your back. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional space. Order your Robustline PVC sliding folding door today!