RAM-MOUNT -RAM-333-224-1 – Triple Base Suction Mount Adapter

RAM-MOUNT -RAM-333-224-1 – Triple Base Suction Mount Adapter

RAM-MOUNT -RAM-333-224-1 – Triple Base Suction Mount Adapter

Are you tired of flimsy suction mount adapters that fail to hold your devices securely? Look no further! The RAM-MOUNT -RAM-333-224-1 – Triple Base Suction Mount Adapter is here to solve all your mounting needs. With its innovative design and superior functionality, this product is a game-changer in the world of mounting solutions.


1. Triple Base Suction

The RAM-MOUNT -RAM-333-224-1 features three powerful suction cups that provide an incredibly strong grip on any smooth surface. Whether you want to mount your smartphone, tablet, or GPS device, this adapter ensures a secure and stable hold, even on bumpy roads.

2. Adjustable Arm

With its flexible arm, this mount adapter allows you to position your device at the perfect angle for optimal viewing. Whether you need it closer to you or further away, the adjustable arm ensures maximum comfort and convenience.

3. Quick Release Mechanism

Gone are the days of struggling to remove your device from the mount. The RAM-MOUNT -RAM-333-224-1 features a quick release mechanism that allows you to effortlessly detach your device with just one hand. Say goodbye to fumbling around and hello to convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this mount adapter be used on a windshield?

Yes, the RAM-MOUNT -RAM-333-224-1 is designed to be used on windshields, as well as other smooth surfaces such as windows and dashboards.

2. Is it compatible with all devices?

Yes, this mount adapter is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, and more. It can securely hold devices with screen sizes ranging from 4 to 10 inches.

3. Can it be easily transferred between vehicles?

Absolutely! The suction cups provide a strong hold, but they can also be easily detached without leaving any residue. This allows you to transfer the mount adapter between vehicles with ease.


The RAM-MOUNT -RAM-333-224-1 – Triple Base Suction Mount Adapter is the ultimate solution for all your mounting needs. Its triple base suction, adjustable arm, and quick release mechanism make it a reliable and versatile choice. Say goodbye to unreliable mounts and hello to a secure and stable hold for your devices. Get your RAM-MOUNT -RAM-333-224-1 today and experience the difference!