Promote Adult Dog Food – Description

Promote Adult Dog Food – Description

Promote Adult Dog Food – Description

Improve your adult dog’s overall health with Promise Adult Dog Food. Made in Belgium, this dog food is specially formulated to provide the necessary nutrients for strong bones, muscles, heart, brain, and immunity.

Improves Bone, Muscle & Heart Health

Promise Adult Dog Food is rich in hydrolyzed chicken protein, chicken meal, and soy lecithin. These ingredients contribute to the development of strong bones and muscles in your furry friend. Additionally, the omega 3-6, EPA, and DHA content in this dog food ensure a healthy heart.

Enhances Brain & Immunity

This dog food contains dried Antarctic krill enriched in DHA, which promotes brain development, learning ability, and memory in your adult dog. The antioxidants and trace elements in chelated form help strengthen the immune system, ensuring overall health.

Easy Digestion & Odor-Free Stool

Promise Adult Dog Food is designed to optimize intestinal flora for increased digestibility. Natural prebiotics such as FOS and inulin are included in the formula. Additionally, the starch-free rice aids in easy digestion, while yucca extracts help reduce stool odor.

Shiny & Healthy Coat

With the inclusion of fresh salmon oil and flax seeds, Promise Adult Dog Food maintains a good Omega 3-6 balance. This promotes a beautiful, shiny coat and healthy skin for your adult dog.

Package Contents

Each package of Promise Adult Dog Food contains 4kg of high-quality dry food. Crafted in Belgium, this dog food is scientifically designed with the perfect kibble size and shape. It helps to avoid tartar buildup while providing optimum palatability and digestibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Promise Adult Dog Food suitable for all dog breeds?
  • Yes, Promise Adult Dog Food is suitable for all dog breeds.

  • How often should I feed my adult dog with Promise Adult Dog Food?
  • It is recommended to follow the feeding guidelines provided on the packaging or consult with your veterinarian for personalized advice.

  • Can Promise Adult Dog Food be given to dogs with allergies?
  • While Promise Adult Dog Food is made with high-quality ingredients, it is always best to consult with your veterinarian if your dog has specific allergies or dietary restrictions.


Promote Adult Dog Food is a nutritious and delicious choice for your adult dog. With its focus on improving bone, muscle, heart, brain, and immunity health, this Belgian-made dog food provides all the necessary nutrients for a happy and healthy furry friend. Invest in your dog’s well-being and get 4kg of Promise Adult Dog Food today!