Introducing the uvBeast New V3 365nm Black Light UV Flashlight

Introducing the uvBeast New V3 365nm Black Light UV Flashlight

Are you in need of a powerful and reliable UV flashlight for professional or commercial use? Look no further than the uvBeast New V3 365nm Black Light UV Flashlight. With its high definition ultraviolet capabilities, this flashlight is designed to deliver exceptional results.

Why Choose the uvBeast V3 365nm?

Our users demanded a more intense 365nm UV flashlight with increased range, and we listened. The uvBeast V3 365nm is specifically designed to fill those gaps and exceed expectations.

1. High-Quality UV Emission

The uvBeast V3 365nm emits even higher quality UV at the 365nm wavelength. This means you can expect superior results compared to other UV flashlights on the market. Don’t settle for cheaper unfiltered UV options when you can have the best.

2. Filtered UV for Better Performance

Our flashlight utilizes professional-grade filtered 365nm wavelength, which is the preferred choice of professionals. Unlike longer wave 395nm devices or unfiltered 365nm UV, the uvBeast V3 365nm ensures maximum transmission of pure UV while blocking unwanted visible light. This results in unparalleled performance and accuracy.

3. Unbeatable Long Range

When it comes to long-range UV flashlights, the uvBeast V3 365nm stands out from the competition. With a beam that can reach over 60 feet, this flashlight is perfect for applications that require extended range and precision.

Key Features of the uvBeast V3 365nm

1. Professional Grade Filtered 365nm

  • High flux density 365nm wavelength
  • Superior results compared to 395nm devices
  • Blocks unwanted visible light
  • Max transmission of pure 365nm UV

2. Highest Intensity 365nm Device

  • Triple LEDs manufactured in South Korea
  • Each LED emits 1000 mA
  • Total UV radiant intensity of 5400 uW/cm2 at 365nm

3. Long Range 365nm UV

  • High intensity beam reaching over 60 feet
  • Perfect for applications requiring extended range

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are standalone lithium batteries included with the uvBeast V3 365nm?

A: No, standalone lithium batteries are not sold with the product. The batteries are pre-installed in the equipment, and the insulation tab needs to be removed before use.

Q: How does the uvBeast V3 365nm compare to other UV flashlights?

A: The uvBeast V3 365nm offers higher quality UV emission, filtered UV for better performance, and unbeatable long-range capabilities. It outperforms other UV flashlights in terms of intensity and range.

Q: Can the uvBeast V3 365nm be used for professional or commercial purposes?

A: Absolutely! The uvBeast V3 365nm is specifically designed for professional and commercial use. Its high power and long-range beam make it the perfect tool for various applications.


When it comes to professional-grade UV flashlights, the uvBeast New V3 365nm Black Light UV Flashlight is in a league of its own. With its high definition ultraviolet capabilities, filtered UV emission, and long-range beam, this flashlight is a must-have for professionals and commercial users. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose the uvBeast V3 365nm for superior performance and exceptional results.