Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Machine – Description

Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Machine – Description

Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Machine

Do you want your skin to become translucent, elastic, and look moisturized? Hurry up and take Deeptech Multifunctional Vacuum Face Cleaning instrument home, let all this become a reality, and reap your beauty and confidence! The only difference between mediocre and beautiful is this action, add to the shopping cart!


  • Highest client satisfaction
  • No irritation or discomfort
  • Remove blackheads and whiteheads
  • Remove grease, keratin and dead skin
  • Increase skin elasticity and improve skin texture
  • Deep hydration
  • Reduce hair follicles
  • Inject nutrition


  • Item Type: Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Machine
  • Material: ABS
  • Voltage: 110-240V
  • Working Power: 25W
  • Weight: 6.6kg
  • Size: 35*30*27cm/13.8*11.8*10.6in

Package List:

  • 1 * Main Machine
  • 6 * Head
  • 1 * Oxygen Injection
  • 1 * English User Manual

[Description] 6-in-1 multifunction skin rejuvenation device to boost nutrition deep in the skin and speed up absorption. Tighten the chin line to reduce eye bags, dark circles and fine lines on the eyes.

[Description] Multiple Effect Efficacy]6 in 1 facial beauty massager have multi-effects on face skin care: remove skin debris, and pigmentation; replenish natural nutrients, restore cell activity; shrink pores; tighten skin and decrease wrinkles; increases skin flexibility; help skin rejuvenation.

[Description] Thoroughly Skin Clean]Deeply clean the skin. It helps gently exfoliate, clean blackheads, debris, dead skin, blemishes, oil and dirt from your face. Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, soften the pores of semi-cured sebum, clear the sebum metabolism of the tubing, keep the pores clean. It brings you a healthy, glowing, beautiful skin.

[Description] Multifunction Beauty Machine]Massage probe transfers most energy to your skin, produce elastic fiber, effectively stimulates collagen and elastin production. shrinks pores, tighten skin, enhances firmness, removes wrinkles, promotes collagen grow, and fades dark circle and eye bag.

[Description] Characters Of Product]Deeptech Adopts advanced technology, make the purified water into hydrogen and oxygen water, so that the water can quickly penetrate the skin to achieve the effect of skin cleaning, improve blood circulation, increase metabolism, improve absorption of beauty cream, stimulate collagen cells grow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Machine suitable for all skin types?
  2. Yes, the Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Machine is suitable for all skin types.

  3. How often should I use the Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Machine?
  4. It is recommended to use the Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Machine 2-3 times a week for best results.

  5. Can I use the Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Machine with other skincare products?
  6. Yes, you can use the Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Machine with other skincare products to enhance their absorption.


Experience the amazing benefits of the Hydrogen Oxygen Beauty Machine. Achieve translucent, elastic, and moisturized skin with this 6-in-1 facial rejuvenation device. Remove blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin while increasing skin elasticity and improving texture. Deeply hydrate your skin and reduce hair follicles. Inject nutrition and boost collagen production. Get the Deeptech Multifunctional Vacuum Face Cleaning instrument now and experience the highest client satisfaction. No irritation or discomfort guaranteed.