HTVRONT Auto Press, Heat Press

HTVRONT Auto Press, Heat Press

HTVRONT Auto Press, Heat Press

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Auto Heat Press Plate

The size of the heating plate of the heat press machine is: 15*15 inch. Fully consider the user from small production to large production projects, perfect for craftsmen’s creation.

Fully Automatic Operation

You only need to place the work and start it with one button to do other things, and let the machine complete the whole process of production, perfectly avoiding the risk of work failure caused by improper operation, fully reducing customer losses.

Timed Shutdown Function

When it is detected that the machine is not operated within 10 minutes, it will automatically shut down the machine, safety protection. The product is equipped with overcurrent protection fuse, overheating protection fuse. When the machine detects overheating, it will automatically stop heating, so as to fully protect customers safe and reliable use.

Heats up to 210掳C (410掳F)

Reaches temperatures up to 410 掳F (210 掳C) for iron-on (HTV), Infusible Ink & sublimation projects.

Customer Service

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