Emile Henry Bread Bell: The Perfect Companion for Homemade Bread

Emile Henry Bread Bell: The Perfect Companion for Homemade Bread


Emile Henry, a renowned French brand, has been producing high-quality ceramic cooking utensils since 1850. With a commitment to controlled production and sustainability, Emile Henry products are made from natural materials and manufactured in France. The Emile Henry Bread Bell is a result of 2 years of research and is designed to enhance your homemade bread baking experience.

Key Features of the Emile Henry Bread Bell

1. Traditional Design

The rounded shape of the bread bell mimics a traditional curved bread oven, ensuring that your bread retains the required humidity during the cooking process. This design feature guarantees a perfect crust and a light, fluffy interior.

2. Innovative Fireproof Ceramic

The bread bell is made from Emile Henry’s innovative fireproof ceramic, which allows for even heat distribution and excellent heat retention. This ceramic material ensures that your bread bakes evenly and achieves a beautiful, thick crust.

3. Easy Bread Dispensing

The bell-shaped cover of the bread bell allows you to conveniently dispense your bread directly into the bell. This eliminates the need for transferring the bread to a separate container, keeping your kitchen clean and organized.

4. Recipe Book Included

With the Emile Henry Bread Bell, you’ll receive a recipe book filled with original and simple bread recipes. This book provides you with expert advice and tips to elevate your homemade bread baking to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much bread can the Emile Henry Bread Bell accommodate?

A: The bread bell is designed for a round loaf made with 3 cups of flour. It is the perfect size for a family-sized bread.

Q: Is the Emile Henry Bread Bell suitable for international customers?

A: Yes, all Emile Henry products, including the Bread Bell, are made in France. However, please note that international products may have separate terms and differ from local products in terms of fit, age ratings, and language of product labeling or instructions.


The Emile Henry Bread Bell is a must-have for bread enthusiasts who enjoy baking their own bread at home. With its traditional design, innovative ceramic material, and convenient features, this bread bell will elevate your bread baking experience. Embrace the art of homemade bread with Emile Henry, a brand trusted for its quality and craftsmanship.