ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0

ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0

ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0

Introducing the ClearClick Video2Digital Converter 2.0 (Second Generation).

Need to turn that box of old video tapes or camcorder tapes that’s sitting in your closet or basement into digital format?

With the ClearClick Video To Digital Converter 2.0, you can transfer your videos to digital format with the touch of a button. Convert your VHS collection and enjoy your old movies again. Restore and share your family memories from 20 years ago. You can watch your digitized videos on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or your TV.

How It Works

  1. Connect your Video2Digital Converter 2.0 to your VCR, camcorder, or any other video source. (Accepts any input source with RCA/AV output)
  2. Plug in a USB flash drive or SD card into the converter. (Not included) Your digitalized video will be saved onto this drive.
  3. Press the “Record” button on the converter. You’ll be able to see your video on the 3.5″ LCD as it transfers. (No computer is required to capture your videos!)
  4. Press “Record” again to stop recording (or use the “Auto Stop” feature to stop recording after a preset amount of time).
  5. Remove your USB flash drive or SD card from the converter, and insert it into your computer to transfer your digitized videos to your computer. Then put them on your tablet, smartphone, or burn a DVD. (DVD burning software not included.)

If you have questions at any point, this product also comes with ClearClick’s top-notch tech support.

What’s New In Version 2.0? (Second Generation)

  • Extra-Large 3.5″ Preview Screen
  • Better Recording Quality (Recording Resolution: SD 720×480 Pixels. Not Intended For Modern HD Video Sources.)
  • Improved Audio/Video Sync Protection
  • Auto Stop Feature (Automatically Stop Recording After 60, 90, 120, or 150 Minutes)
  • Smartphone/Tablet-Friendly MP4 Recording Format
  • Pause/Resume While Recording

Additional Equipment Required (Not Included)

– Convert Your Old Video Tapes or Camcorder Tapes (PAL or NTSC) to Digital Format With The Touch of a Button (Recording Resolution: SD 720×480 Pixels. Not Intended For Modern HD Video Sources.)

– Record and Digitalize Video From VHS, VCR’s, DVD Players, DVR’s, Camcorders, Hi8, & Retro Gaming Systems (Note: a Working VCR/Camcorder is Required and Not Included. Does Not Play VHS/Camcorder Tapes. Check Condition of Your VCR/Camcorder/Tapes Before Purchasing!)

– No Computer or Software Required – Just Hook It Up & Start Recording – Records Videos Directly Onto Any USB Flash Drive or SD Card (Not Included)

– What’s New In the Video2Digital(R) Version 2.0 (Second Generation): Extra-Large 3.5″ Preview Screen, Better Recording Quality, Improved Audio/Video Sync Protection, Auto Stop Feature (60, 90, 120, 150 Minutes), Mobile-Friendly MP4 Recording Format, & Pause/Resume While Recording

– Includes 2-Year Warranty & Tech Support from ClearClick