CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR) – Product Description

CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR) – Product Description

CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR)

Enhance the growth and flowering of your plants with CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR). This high-quality plant nutrient is specially formulated to provide the essential elements needed for optimal plant development.

Benefits and Features

CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR) offers a range of benefits for your plants:

  • Promotes vigorous growth
  • Stimulates abundant flowering
  • Enhances nutrient uptake
  • Improves overall plant health

High-Quality Formula

CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR) is made from premium ingredients to ensure the highest quality. It contains a balanced ratio of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) that is essential for plant growth and flowering.

Easy to Use

Using CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR) is simple and convenient. Just add the recommended amount to your nutrient solution or water and apply it to your plants during the flowering stage.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How often should I use CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR)?
  2. It is recommended to use CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR) once a week during the flowering stage.

  3. Can I use CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR) with other nutrients?
  4. Yes, CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR) can be used in combination with other nutrients. However, it is important to follow the recommended dosage to avoid overfeeding your plants.


In conclusion, CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR) is a high-quality plant nutrient that promotes vigorous growth and abundant flowering. Its easy-to-use formula and balanced ratio of phosphorus and potassium make it an ideal choice for plant enthusiasts. Try CANNA PK 13/14 (5LTR) today and see the remarkable results for yourself!