BBL Booty Pillow After Surgery – Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Support Cushion

BBL Booty Pillow After Surgery – Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Support Cushion

BBL Booty Pillow After Surgery – Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Support Cushion

Why our BBL Pillow is perfect for you?

Because it’s the only pillow that can provide the ultimate comfort and protection for your after surgery butt. With a unique design consisting of 3 quality layers (other pillows have only one), you will benefit from a faster recovery without bruising or being highly uncomfortable than any other seat cushion pillow on the market.

Our BBL Pillow allows you to sit down without having to apply pressure on your newly inserted fat cells or implants.

This support cushion is made of eco-friendly and lightweight materials, being one of our most comfortable pillows!

Our BBL sitting pillow is the ONLY one that has 3 layers of protection and comfort!

  • The pink layer will make you feel ultra comfortable when sitting
  • The white layer will perfectly curve around your thighs
  • The gray layer will provide maximum support for your after surgery butt, lower back, and back muscles.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • 3 High-quality layers, specially added for your comfort and fast recovery
  • Helps you recover faster due to the specially designed shape
  • Doctor recommended in case of Brazilian butt lift; helps not cut off circulation during long periods of sitting
  • Fits most chairs and can be used while driving for more safety and versatility
  • Made from high-quality eco-friendly fabrics that are easy to maintain
  • Highest comfortable product, ideal for surgery recovery
  • Carry bag & discreet cover included
  • The cover is removable and machine washable for more practicality and hygiene
  • Perfect for travel – compact & extremely lightweight

What You Need: Our BBL pillow and its new design is voted #1 for “Comfort” and “Value for Money” by desertcart customers.

You can count on our pillow as many beauty surgeons find our pillow to be the most reliable post-op!

Unique 3 Layer Design

Unlike other products on the market, our BBL after surgery pillow is the only one with 3 layers, making it a higher quality and more effective pillow than anything you will ever see! Choose our BBL sitting cushion and never worry about being uncomfortable or damaging your new butt!


This butt pillow will provide ultimate comfort for your operated body, but it also ensures excellent support for your legs and thighs! Designed to support all shapes and sizes, our pillow will support up to 250lbs without sinking or losing its shape.


Whether you are at home, at work, or driving in your car, this recovery pillow is the best choice to feel great every hour of the day! Our pillow comes with a free drawstring bag that makes it easy for you to carry your BBL pillow.